What big teeth you have

Kolm_C3_A5rden_Wolf_mSue went to Cafe de la Poste this weekend – doing research for this blog naturally – and when she arrived Sophie and Prosper were deep in conversation with a local she didn’t recognise. It was the local  berger (shepherd) who keeps his sheep on the mountains of La Lance behind Venterol. It appears that recently he has lost several lambs to wolves and even one of his dogs who was trying to protect the flock and was forced over a crevace.

When Sue first bought her house a letter came round from the mairie pleading for people to help the previous berger (the uncle of today’s berger) who had had to have his flock destroyed due to a notifiable disease. The sheep who graze on the mountain pastures do a vital job of keeping down the brush and scrubby trees – real eco-warriors! The maire was asking each household to buy a sheep and Sue and her ex Phil did just that. Sadly they never got to meet it (or eat it!)

The news about the wolves seems to solve a bit of a mystery. One evening not so long ago Sue was driving home to Venterol when she saw an animal in the headlights – too big for a fox and more like a wild dog. She did wonder whether it could be a wolf but everyone said that wasn’t possible and how much wine  had she drunk anyway?

So perhaps it was a wolf?

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