The trials and tribulations of a chatelaine! (1)

One of the problems of dividing one’s life between a flat in London and Chateau Colombier is finding people who can help with maintenance. With a large property there is always something that needs attention, apart from the ongoing tasks like cleaning and pool maintenance. Guests naturally expect sparkling clear water and a pristine pool to swim in. As I am not always here to be hands on in this department I set about finding a company that would provide said maintenance.

Now, you would think that in an area of Provence where pools are pretty common this would not be a problem! Think again! Two of us were on the case for several weeks before finding someone willing to take it on. Same goes for finding help with cleaning or routine DIY tasks – you find someone, get it all organised and then after a few weeks or months it all falls apart and you have to start looking again. And surprisingly this type of work doesn’t come cheap in France. Fingers crossed I now seem to have a great team of helpers set up for the season. Watch out for more details on the CC team – coming soon on the main page.

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