Spring has sprung

The weather here has been glorious and with all the sunshine everything in the garden has gone beserk. I love this time of year – not only do all the established areas of the garden miraculously burst into life once more, but it’s the perfect time to visit a ‘pepiniere’ (garden centre). When I first bought Chateau Colombier French garden centres were a scarcity but over recent years more and more have appeared, and flower gardens are becoming as common as potagers here. Of course, the local market in Nyons is another great source for all types of plants from the smallest alpines to huge olive trees. It’s one of the parts of the market that I find it most enjoyable to just wander around.

Seedlings or bulbs, flowers or vegetables I can’t resist them. Someone once told me that gardeners divide into two types: the planter and the pruner. Which are you? I’m sure you can guess which I am!

I’m also looking forward to the annual flower market, the first weekend in May. Glad that Jean will be with me to help decide on what to buy (and to help with the planting).

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