Sous (Sue) Chatelaine?

Clare has asked me to take over the blog for a while as she’s really busy and unavoidably detained in England. In fact, I have posted before so you probably won’t notice much difference! Clare being in England means that for the moment I get to be the main meeter and greeter of clients coming to stay. Luckily it’s only a short drive from my house in Venterol so I can whizz over if there’s a problem.
Most of our stays this summer are for a week so it’s quite a rush on our changeover day of Saturday to get everything spick and span. Thank goodness for the sunshine to dry all the sheets! Laurent and Sandra who keep the house and pool in top condition have it all under control, and there’s also Gael who tends the garden.

Again this year people are amazed by just how spacious the house is (the team can vouch for that when cleaning it!) while still managing to have a cosy, welcoming feel. Feedback has been very positive as usual.

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