Snow in the Drome

p467825-France-Moon_over_Haute-Alps_in_FranceI  (Sue) woke up on Tuesday to find Venterol blanketed in about 4 inches of snow and it was still falling until lunchtime.  We ventured out after lunch to check on the roads and were amazed to find that even the local ones had been completely cleared. French efficiency! I’m sure the French system of local government has a lot to do with it and really fosters a sense of neighbourhood.

Nyons itself had escaped most of it, nestled as it is in a bowl between the  surrounding mountains. One of my favourite views of Nyons is driving over the hills past Buisson, towards Roaix. Looking back at the town you can understand exactly why it has a micro-climate sheltered from the worst weather and enjoying the same sunshine hours as Nice!

The vines looked beautiful in the snow highlighting the contrast between the delicate grey-green leaves and the gnarly trunks. There were plenty of animal tracks in the snow and we’d heard something snuffling and rustling in the undergrowth during the night. Probably a boar or maybe a badge,  hunting for food, no doubt.

Fortunately we had left the car at the bottom of the drive so didn’t have to negotiate the drive, cunningly disguised as a skating rink, on Wednesday morning when setting off to the airport.

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