Santons at Seguret

Nativite_Nantes_Arles_2006Santons is derived from the provencal and means little saint. They are small terracotta figures dressed in traditional costumes produced in Provence.

Each year Seguret hosts one of the largest displays of santons over the Christmas period.  Since 1970 the ‘Amis de Seguret’ have been hosting the display at the chapel of St Thecle. This year the display is open until January 8th and costs 2 euros for adults, free to children. The santons are mainly figures connected to the nativity but also include characters from the village: baker,butcher etc. There is also a display of the Christmas table, the  ‘Gros Souper’ and the 13 desserts traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve.

Seguret itself is well worth visiting at any time of year, its houses clustered together, precariouly  perched on a hillside overlooking vineyards. There is a guided walk around the village with panneaux(signs) providing interesting information about the buildings and local traditions. There is also a good  restaurant ‘La Table du Comtat’ which I haven’t yet tried (hard to believe, I know) but which has a wonderful view from its terrace.

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