Les Femmes Savantes

Every summer they put on a play in the grounds of the Chateau de Grignan – what a stunning backdrop for any director to work with! Last year it was Hamlet and this year it is Moliere’s Les Femmes Savantes,masterpiece one of his later plays and considered one of his masterpieces.

This is a particularly apt choice as Grignan is especially famous through the writing of Madame de Sevigne who came to Grignan to stay with her daughter. Madame de Sevigne wrote to her daughter for over 30 years and eventually died at Grignan. ( As an aside –  I recently learnt that Mme de Sevigne lived briefly at the Hotel Carnavalet in Paris which is now an amazing, must-see museum.) Her letters provide us with fascinating details of life at court and in the provinces during the seventeenth century when Moliere was writing his plays. In fact they were both born in the 1620’s.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never made to any of the summer shows but I’m hoping to get there finally, this summer.

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