Going on a bear – no make that boar – hunt

A few days ago shots were ringing out on the hillsides near Venterol and bobbing red hats could be seen moving through the undergrowth. Boars don’t wear red hats so this is a safety measure for the hunters. Friends staying at my house saw 2 dead boar loaded in the back of a pickup on its way back to the village and the next day the ex-mayor brought round a leg for them to sample. Clare was invited to dinner that night and reports back that it was very tasty indeed.

French wild boar

French wild boar

Don’t feel too sorry for the wild boar: this article gives more inforamation on French wild boar.

Wild Boar or Sanglier

across the whole of France the Wild Boar ~ Sus scrofa scrofa or Sanglier as it is known by the French is
much maligned by farmers who readily blame it for…

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And this next report by BBC News Europe details how their numbers are on the increase and pose a serious threat to agriculture. They’re even starting to encroach on the urban landscape. So French hunters are being urged to wage war on the boar. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11948612

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