For the less serious walker – which do you trust….

Your guide book or your instincts?

I think I mentioned in a recent post doing the Eyroles ridge circuit and Clare referred to it also, in her winter wonderland post. It’s a very enjoyable route but I hadn’t done it for a while and, more significantly, when I did it before I was so busy chatting that I didn’t really check the route that thoroughly.

So this time when I set off to do the walk with my son, we armed ourselves with a map and the guidebook. We’d done about two thirds of the walk when we got to a dividing of paths and the yellow markings seemed rather ambiguous. My instinct was to turn right – I had a vague memory of it and it seemed the correct direction. My son consulted the guidebook and announced we should  definitely go left. After some token resistance I gave in – the book had to be right –  and we headed downhill for about 20 minutes. No sign of any yellow markings at all. At the bottom I sent the offspring to scout ahead as doubt began to set in. He eventually returned to report no yellow signs anywhere. The sun was beginning to go down, the temperature was dropping fast and there was nothing for it but to retrace our steps up the hill. Now, I love walking but ‘up’ is not my strong point. After rather too much puffing and, I admit, a little whingeing on the ‘I knew it was the other way’ lines, we made it back to the correct path and returned to the car before the sun set!

And the moral is….??

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