Fetes votives



Had the usual great meal at Cafe de la Poste last night: colombo de poulet an Antilles based chicken stew followed by coconut milk mousse with pineapple. Yum!! Then we wandered up to check out the action at the first night of Venterol’s Fete Votive.  First off a 3 piece band including a lady with accordion and a guy with what was, I think, a tuba – very unusual, but good sounds. Then a rock band – head-banging 70s style – fronted by an English(American?) guy singing in English and wearing cut off stars and stripes wellies! The square was packed and we could hear people leaving well after 4am – we felt our age and left pretty early!

Today features more petanques followed by music again in the evening. Not to be missed.

These local fetes are a great way to experience village life in France. Over the years and in different regions we have visited such varied fetes as Fete des Bucherons (woodchoppers competing in various methods of chopping tree trunks – I kid you not!) and Fete de Chasse (a must for dog lovers – they even had a display of dachshunds going down badger setts). They featured such delights as name the piglet in the pram competition !

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