Easter parade

Band - Easter Parade Nyons 2008
Easter is a great time to visit this area and it’s not too late to book a long weekend.

One of the main attractions over the Easter weekend is the ‘Corso’ or Easter Parade held in Nyons( about 10 minutes away by car) to celebrate the arrival of spring. Upto 30 floats brightly decorated with multi-coloured paper flowers do a circuit of the town, and each year there is a new theme. The Reine (the queen – a pretty girl elected the day before) and her dauphines (attendants) preside over the parade. If you want to get some idea of the amazing floats that you might see, visit www.lena26-mesbaladesenfamille.blogspot.com a site with loads of photos of past parades.

You can also visit the incomparable House of Horrors that forms part of the accompanying fair.

Extend your stay for a week or so and you can escape all the incessant Royal Wedding coverage that is bound to hit TV around then!

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