And Granny comes too!

It seems that these days we are changing our habits when it comes to taking holidays. Families are travelling en masse. Siblings with their own families are joining together, and grandparents and even great-grandparents are tagging along too. The advantages of vacationing with an extended family are numerous. Joan Bakewell recently wrote a fascinating article on the subject that is well worth a read. Apparently the correct term is intergenerational holidays. As she points out the way to be sure that this type of holiday is a great success is to choose your venue with care.

First of all you need an area with a huge variety of attractions to suit all tastes. There needs to be plenty to visit – interesting historical sites and bustling little towns: plenty to do – all manner of sports during the day and cafes and restaurants in the evenings. Secondly you need a house to rent that has plenty of space. It’s not just a question of having the requisite number of bedrooms, there must be plenty of private areas both inside the house and in the grounds to find a quiet spot to read or just hide away.
outside dining 2

Yes – you’ve guessed what I’m going to say now! Chateau Colombier could have been designed with this sort of holiday in mind. You can see from our photos how much space there is both in the house, on the shady terraces and in the different gardens. Drome provencale is an area that has something for everyone – whether you want to spend your day walking in the mountains, cycling through scenic villages, visiting Roman ruins, tasting the local Cote du Rhone wines or just relaxing in the sun by the pool – there’s certainly something for every taste.

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