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It’s raining, so rather than gardening I thought I’d prune the mountains of paperwork that accumulate over the months and years. So as I find useful information, I’ll now put it on the blog and tag it … and bin the paper.

Perhaps 2009 can be the year of the paperless chateau?

Quad bikes – from age 16; for hire at Aubres for 1, 2 or 3 hours. Costs (2008) 35 euros, 60 euros, 80 euros. Also day and overnight trips.

Reserve: tel 04 75 26 60; 06 88 86 31 58

Kayaks and canoeing; at Saillans on the river Drome (90 minutes drive from Le Colombier); see EVA tel 04 75 21 55 71 or CapPlein Air tel 04 75 40 60 60

Bring swim wear, sports shoes, hats, drinking water, picnic, sun screen and sun glasses. Age 7 and over; Open March to October

There’s also great kayaking on the Ardeche.

Rock climbing (escalades); lots all around. Also Via Ferrata – the rock climbing routes

Hang gliding instruction at Mevouillon

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