10 years on: time for a bit of ‘re-looking’ at Chateau Colombier

It’s hard to believe that it’s now over 10 years since I’ve been the Chatelaine of Le Colombier. Time flies – especially when you make life interesting by buying a crazy renovation project like this.

So – 10 years on … the house is warm and comfortable. And the gardens are maturing well.

But sometimes you have to do more than a spring clean – and inject a bit more energy and style into what might have become a bit too cosy, comfortable and …. well … cluttered.

John Ashpool

John Ashpool

No – we’re not about to throw out comfort in the name of a bland ’boutique hotel”‘designer approach. Far from it. But with the help of John, our designer in residence, a make-over is in progress (see some of his amazing furniture at www.johnashpool.com).

It’s involving new eyes, new approaches, new expertise – and lots of moving around of furniture to get new perspectives. And talking philosophy, psychology, art, literature, and symbolism. And of course, lots and lots of ‘hunting’ – visiting and revisiting the local brocantes and markets for furniture, furnishings and accessories to put together to create the “new look”. At the brocantes and markets you have to learn to separate out the ‘past it’ from the ‘possibles’ – and of course to make friends with the owners, chat, find out what’s coming in new, and of course barter for the best deal.


One of our finds at the brocante

In the creating, part of the fun will be giving new life to old things, and giving a new home to some of those ‘objets trouvés’.

Unfortunately for me, I’m back to the UK and off on my consultancy travels for the next month … and John is refusing to send me pictures of work in progress. It’ll be like Christmas when I get back – I hope!

Let’s see what emerges when you give a creative “carte blanche” – within a very restricted budget!.


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